11 months ago


Guruji Jayaraj and translator Shyam visited the Czech Republic for the first time in the second half of May 2017. It was a great honor and also a pleasure to accompany them on this journey through our beautiful country.

The main purpose of their visit were lectures on the future of the Czech Republic. We followed up on the first prediction for the Czech Republic, which was realized via Skype on 7th February 2016 in town called Uherský Brod. Last year's naadi reading of the future was extended this year until 2025. Except of the lectures awaited our friends from Chidambaram also very interesting and demanding program. After visiting our office in Brno, we went to Luhačovice town on the first day after their arrival, where we met mrs. Dana Pilková, who was the initiator of the naadi reading for our country, for which we are very thankfull.

Dana Pilková is in picture from the spa house at Vincentka's spring second from the right. From Luhačovice we returned to Brno full of experiences and late in the evening we headed to the Restaurant Namaskar. We ate at various Indian restaurants during the stay of Guruji Jayaraj and translator Shyam. It was the Namaskar restaurant and also the Ganesh Utsav restaurant in Bratislava that were the best ever from the point of view of our friends from India during their stay in Central Europe.

The next day, on our way to Bratislava, we visited Lednice Castle and after a cruise to the minaret we refreshed ourselves in the local buffet.

In the afternoon we arrived in Bratislava, where after a very good lunch at Mrs. Viera Vojtková, in the aforementioned restaurant Ganesh Utsav, we had a view on Bratislava from a height of 91 meters.

On the last day before the lecture in the Sono Centre, we took a look at the main sights in Brno. A great mystical experience for Guruji Jayarai was a visit to St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Guruji Jayaraj later explained to us that he knew this place from one of his past lives, and about half a year before visiting Brno he saw images of this church in his meditations.

On the day of the lecture, we headed together to the surroundings of Brno, where Guruji Jayaraj prepared for an afternoon naadi reading of the Czech Republic in the beautiful nature of the Moravian Karst through meditations.

On Saturday, May 21, 2017, from 4 pm, a long-prepared lecture on palm leaf libraries in India took place in Brno's Sono Centre, as part of which a palm leaf reading for the Czech Republic was also carried out. The whole event was provided by company All In Concerts, namely by Mr. Lukáš Krbílek and his spouse Miss Sandra Adlerová very patiently and with great understanding. Similarly, to Mrs. Dana Pilková, we thank them very much for their support and help.

From the lecture was made almost three hours video recording, which is available to watch on our YOUTUBE – "Knihovny palmvých listů". This video, which has more than 9,000 views to date.

The day after the Brno lecture, we set off towards Opava, from where we also perform naadi readings. On the way we took a look at the historical center of Olomouc. The view of the city from the tower of St. Modřice Church is magnificent.

Before arriving in Opava, our friend Mr. Tomáš Ludvík, who is a great specialist in Ayurvedic cuisine, served us in the town Hranice na Moravě. Guruji Jayaraj rewarded him with the naadi reading according to sage Kaka Bhujandar, which is very unique. Mr. Tomáš Ludvík was our first client and has been supporting us for a long time in our mission with palm leaf libraries in India, and for that we thank him very much.

In Opava we spent pleasant days in the house of my wife's Irena Valentová’s father. Together, the two prepared food for our guests from the raw materials that her father grows. In the vicinity of Opava we visited the Pocheň’s dam and the ruins of Vartnov Castle. Guruji Jayaraj has great respect for my wife's father and asked for his blessing at the end of our stay there.

We closed our stay in Opava with the necessary purchases and after their execution we moved to Prague, where another lecture was awaiting us, the lecture also included naadi reading for the Czech Republic. Before its implementation, we took a look at our capital city. The weather changed significantly compared to Opava, so Guruji Jayaraj and translator Shyam felt almost at home. In Prague, we used various means of transport, including a cruise ship, when travelling for sights.

So we managed to see all the most important places in Prague, such as the statue of St. Wenceslas on the square of the same name, Old town square, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, etc.

The lecture in Prague took place on May 28, 2017 from 4 pm at the Dlabačov Cultural Centre. We spent the preparation for the lecture this time on the Vltava River exploring Kampa and other Prague monuments. After a hearty lunch at one of the Indian restaurants in Prague, we headed towards Dlabačov.

On our last day in Prague, we accepted the invitation of Mr. Tomáš Pfeiffer to visit his ashram in Soukenická Street. As part of this visit, we unscheduledly became part of his regular Monday lecture, where a lively discussion on palm leaves libraries and naadi readings developed. Guruji Jayaraj answered the questions of the listeners very willingly and patiently. Video recording of the lecture can also be viewed here.

We spent the last two days of our stay before flying back to India for a tour of Vienna. Our Indian friends thus had the opportunity to visit three countries on their trip to Europe.

In Vienna we also visited important places and tasted vienna's most famous treat – sachr.

Guruji Jayaraj’s and translator Shyam's stay in the Central European region passed like water and we were all looking forward to a trip home and a well-deserved rest.