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How reliable are palm leaves and are the remedies really necessary ?

On the Aluška.org website, with which we have long-term cooperation, a question was asked in the Questionnaire about palm leaf libraries. Because we deal with the topic professionally and the article also comments on our service and experience with us, we take over this interesting text with the permission of the author.

Hi, I also have a question about the karmic load: I had my palm leaf found and read. And the conclusion: the karmic burden, they also said specific deeds, and I was given various tasks (sacrifice, money, and chanting of mantras) to clean up karma. And now I'm confused .... what you wrote seems pretty logical to me, but I also know your opinion on reading palm leaves .... Please, can you answer me, thank you.

Palm leaves are a part of tradition and religion in India. There, they believe in karma and the rituals that will atone for it, so it's involved. Even the Indians do not understand and do not understand how it is possible for a European to have palm leaf reading , but then refuse to deal with past lives because he does not trust them. It is completely incomprehensible to them, because it is a part of their lives, their traditions and it is automatically given to them automatically. However, this does not deprive you of the right to free choice to say that you do not want to take remedies in English because you do not believe in karma.

In addition, I know from one person who went to the palm leaf library decades ago, at a time when reading was not yet so popular and when it was not such a business. He told me that in the library they knew in advance who was coming, they knew his name and they told him something to that effect

 "What do you come  here when you know very well that you have your destiny in your hands and your palm leaf  is not here. You're wasting our time and yours. "

He also says that at that time it was not a part of reading a look into past lives, remedies were not performed and I personally should not have my  palm leaf  there either, because I have long since taken my destiny into my own hands ... This would mean that reading from palm leaves in a few decades, it has changed, the approach has changed, the sales tactics have changed, and there are simply a lot of things in it that I don't even understand and I don't know all the answers to. However, I am also not an unloader and I have never been to India. That's why I only know what someone told me and what I experienced myself.

It is a presumption that I cannot prove, but I accept the possibility that interpreting past lives and remedies is a way to get more money from a European and to attract him to come to India, because those remedies are about traveling and visiting specific temples where victims are made ... Even the couple Irena a Gejza Valentovi  (nadi.cz - they are very reliable, I can recommend) admit that there are now many libraries in India and a large percentage of them are fake and there are fake nadi readers. They warn themselves in front of them and it took a lot of effort to find / visit / verify reliable libraries that really know their craft well and their interpretations fit.

So there have indeed been some developments and shifts, because decades ago, when it was not popular, fake libraries did not exist and there were very few of them, while now there are too many of them, and when one does not know the specific address where to go, one comes across a fake one. Also, the prices for the interpretation for the locals are completely different than the prices for the European :) Only a gypsy disguised in a sari, who will come in person and pretend to be an Indian, could save there, otherwise the white man has a surcharge especially in fake libraries.

Nevertheless, I was personally satisfied with my reading  and at the time when I needed it, it really helped me a lot. I don't know what I would be doing at the time, I had an emotionally difficult time and it kept me going. Even today, I rely on what I learned, not that I would definitely hang on to it, but I'm really happy for this investment, it came back to me many times over. So then I will be happy to close my eyes to what I wrote above.

If someone is at a crossroads, it is certainly a possible and workable way to find answers and support. Whether or not someone wants to do remedies is purely their free choice.

And to make it even more complicated, the practice of the nadi interpreters, but also Irena and Gejza Valentovi recognized  that in many cases the remedies have an effect on fate, it is impossible to write specifically, but it simply happens that when someone is at a crossroads and does not do remedies, that good college and good opportunity will not happen. Then, when he does the remedies at the last minute, the good opportunity opens up. If these are not coincidences, then one should also admit the possibility that the recommended remedies have a certain energy power and can really open up the better options, the hope, the better version.

The letters often say, "If you decide this way, it will be stupid, but if you change your attitude, improve and do remedies and work on yourself, it will not happen to you and you will be well" ... Well then there is also the question of whether the very effort of a person to change, that he goes for himself, improves and weighs his steps better, or whether the remedies will also contribute to this in their own way. , but does not recognize.

Origin: Aluška.org - Nakolik jsou palmové listy spolehlivé a jsou remedies opravdu nutná?