• In 2016, on our next trip to India to explore palm leaf libraries in India, we have visited many interesting places. We moved in the southern part of the state of Tamil Nadu in areas where rishis, and especially Maharishi Agasthiya, lived a thousand years ago. Here we visited the waterfalls that bear his name and performed the ceremony of dropping palm leaves on the holy water. We have also went the town of Vaitheesswarankoil. This pilgrim spot is considered as the heart of palm leaf libraries in India. In a relatively small space, there are more than 100 private palm leaf libraries where people can ask for an explanation of their future As part of our journey, we have also admired the largest and most famous library of palm leaves around the world in the city of Tanjavur, which is called Saraswati Mahal Library. In addition to this so-called main library, we also visited its branch in a place called Tiruvaduturai.

  • We are again in the palm leaf library, located in the town of Chidambaram in the state of Tamil Nadu. This time you can listen to an analysis of special palm leaves written by one of the seven prophets (rishi), Kaka Bhujandar. His naadi is designed specifically for spiritual persons and spiritual teachers, so it is not commonly available to everyone. The analysis is performed by a professional naadi reader Guruji Jayaraj (we read "Džejrač" in Czech). The answers are translated from Tamil into English by an interpreter  Shyam (we read "Šam").

    In this special letter, Gejza Valent is referred to as "Sri", which is the name of a spiritual teacheri.e.  the right to use the name Sri Geisha in spiritual activities related to working with palm leaves.

    Sri Gejza is also called "Gedža", which in Tamil means elephant - "Geja". This shows that this man has the power of an elephant and is associated with the God Ganesha. According to these letters, the spiritual strength of Sri Geisha lies in self-confidence, determination and hard work. He further says that Sri Geisha is a special person who has the blessing of mediating interpretations of the fate of palm leaves for the Czech Republic, as it is his spiritual mission.

    Finding these special leaves is considered a miracle that happened for the first time in many decades of existence of the palm leaf library in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India. Rare palm leaves are stored at Tamil University in Tanjavur, as a legacy for future generations and as a subject of scientific research.

  • We visited the Indian Library of Palm Leaves in March 2016 and did an authentic interview with naadi reader  for you.

    In the second  part we have  also asked questions about interpretations of palm leaves: How are palm leaves beneficial to people, how can they help them, why do people actually search for these libraries? Can the palm leaf prediction  help avert life's problems and offer solutions to people who face problems with black magic and the curse? Why can't interpretations from palm leaves be conveyed by women?

    Guruji Jayaraj also shared with us some of the very interesting destinies of the people who came to the reading  and how  it changed their lives. It also tells how the teaching of nadi interpreters takes place, current and past.

  • We have  visited the Indian Library of Palm Leaves in March 2016. We have realized  an authentic interview with very famous naadi reader Guruji Jayaraj.

    The interview takes place directly in the library, which is located in the town of Chidambaram in the state of Tamil Nadu and is divided into two parts due to its length. Our prepared questions are answered by a professional nádí  reader  Guruji Jayaraj (we read "Džejrač" in Czech).

    We asked Guruji Jayaraj many questions, also personal, because Guruji Jayaraj comes from a traditional family of nadi interpreters and took over this sacred craft from his ancestors.

    We also asked, for example, how long the native Interpreter actually learns before it can provide its services to the public, how concrete palm leaf libraries work, how to recognize a good library and a good native Interpreter from a low-quality one. What can palm leaves offer to a person and what are the individual chapters focused on ... all this and much more will be mentioned in the following interview.