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Do you know about the prediction from palm leaves for the Czech Republic in 2020 ?

On May 21, 2017, we realized a unique prediction of the future for the Czech Republic from palm leaves in the Brno hall in Sono Centrum for the period 2017 to 2025. We published mentioned prediction of the future at YT on June 8, 2017. We return to this prediction and would like to remind you of its part – prediction of the future for the Czech Republic for the year 2020. The recording of this prediction is given in the attached video in the time range 1:13:44 to 1:22:48.

Although we are not at the end of the year 2020, the message in this interpretation of the futur efor our country  is incredibly accurate, confirming the timeless predictions of palm leaf libraries in India written on palm leaves by Indian sages thousands of years ago. The leading Indian nadi Guruji Jayaraj read an interpretation from palm leaves for the Czech Republic..

Many interesting comments on this prediction have appeared on YT in recent days, and we have been most interested in the talk2sachinj, which very accurately describes the main points of the whole message:

  • a video of the interpretation of the Czech Republic for 2020 was inserted on YT on June 8, 2017
  • 2020 will not be favorable for the Czech Republic
  • there will be more health problems among people and an increase mortality
  • at the time of interpretation 1:14:11 Guruji Jayaraj predicts the effect of the virus
  • people will have unstable lives and migration will increase people to get a job
  • the economy and financial markets will fall
  • tourism will be restricted and people will not be able to travel abroad
  • people do not get enough resources to survive some countries will leave the European Union (Brexit 2020)
  • etc.


This video is uploaded June 2017. Video timeline: 1:13:48 : It's predicted that 2020 year is not favorable. In general health issues for the people will be more. Death rate will increase in year 2020. Virus word is also mentioned at 1:14:11. Unstable life & migration for people in search of job. Economic & share market downturn. Sufficient government funds will not reach to people. Tourism will be affected.Some countries will separate from European Union (Brexit, year 2020).

In 2020, the Czech Republic will be under the adverse influence of the planet Ragu (2020 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4 - this is the astrological number of the planet Ragu). In general, according to Vedic astrology, this planet causes, among other things, viral and bacterial diseases. According to palm leaves, this adverse effect of Ragu will have an effect on our country until the end of 2020. It is therefore important that we remain very careful and follow all precautionary.

Irena a Gejza Valentovi

Prediction for Czech Republic for year 2020

The 2020 is not favourable and not good for Czech Republic and Europe . In this period the health issues for people will be more. Health issues as new VIRUS effects people , transmitting diseases will come and death will be more . In the family there will be problem, marriages will happen but divorces will happen more . There will be unstable situation for people. They will try to migrate move here and there for basic needs. Job problems for people , they will migrate to go different countries for jobs. Some of the countries help Czech Republic business and Economy way, import and export . And some of the countries will not help and do import and export business. Drawback for Czech Republic in European Union . Economy drawback and down in financial will come for Czech. For female Blood related problem will occur more. The children between age 3 to age 5 will have health problems more due to low immunity and less Nutrition . The Govt will try to help people but the government supporting funds will not reach the people in sufficient way for their survival. The Government work hard to fulfill the needs of people but fails. The Govt fails . There will be threatening for people by Negative Energy (Virus, Bacteria, Diseases), Enemies. There will need much care by people and there need much security by closing the borders. By defence Army tighten the borders and better security. The protection needs more for people and country. Medical Expenses and new health issues will come for people . Religious conflicts will come in country. Problems among the people by religion . There will be problems among politics and within Government which effects for people. The Financial Share markets down and Economy will be down in country. Some mis-arguments with other countries in the World , with the other countries some blocks . (Financial Blocks, Closing borders). The countries like Russia and Norway the support and good co-operation will block. There will be hard work by people but there will not good success , luck and profits for people . The Economy development in country low. Tourism block - the people can't travel to abroad countries. Education, Arts, Culture, Spiritual development in country. High expenses and high living cost for people. Basic needs of people will be expensive -food, medicine, cloths, living rental. High Tax - people to pay more money and Tax to Govt. Some of the Govt decision will be positive for the people and some of the decision will not good for people. The weather condition is very hard for people- death rate will be more in this time. Within the European Union new groups will be formed . There will be problem with 2 or 3 country to another country. Some of the group in European countries wish to go by freedom (self Independent) . The Friendship with Czech neighbouring countries will be good this period.