Welcome to our website about predictions of destines from palm leaves in India.

We are a well-matched couple from Brno, which mediates predictions from palm leaves libraries in India.

We do everything online,

So you don't have to travel thousands of miles to get to know your palm leaf.

On this website we offer you basic data on the traditional prediction of palm leaves, our experience and services.

Our personal story

It began after we had met in 1999. Like many of us, we were looking for answers to questions about the meaning of our being and solving problems in our lives. Although we do not profess any religion, we strongly perceived that there are some supernatural things that are unacceptable or difficult to grasp for strictly logically thinking people. One of the stops during our searching journey were the palm leaves libraries that caught our attention in 2006, so much that we began to crave to gain personal experience with their visit.

Our personal story

We successfully realized our first trip to India in the autumn of 2008.

We then made another visit to palm leaves libraries in India in the autumn of 2010. Details foretold in our palm leaves readings from various Maharishis fundamentally changed our lives on personal and spiritual level. On a personal level, we were destined for a common path, although at the time of the first readings we both had our own commitments. On the spiritual path, we were foretold to have a joint development, which in 2014 resulted in the passing of our experience with palm leaf libraries to people, which was unimaginable to us at the time. What has had an extraordinarily strong impact on our lives is currently being passed on to others, through mediation of naadi reading for people in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our hobby has become our mission and a service to people.

Our personal story

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