Prices for interpretation

The price for a naadi reading of a General khandam (chapter 1)

200 EUR

This price offer contains
This price offer contains processing the order, search for palm leaves bundles, finding client’s palm leaf, Skype connected reading (including answering of all the complementary  questions), translation from old Tamil language to English and from English to Czech language, recommended corrective measures (Deeksha khandam), audio recording of the reading and also written report from the reading.

The prediction of Chapter No. 1 i.e. General Khandam lasts at least 1 hour and covers all areas of the client's future life in time intervals ofrom 1 year to 5 years.

The prediction is incredibly detailed

It is therefore not necessary to predict the side chapters on the first day of reading.

Naadi reading of the General khandam (chapter 1) is always done firts and readings of other chapters follow.

Total price in the first day of reading makesat most 5 500 CZK or 220 € in case, when there would be - out of client’s own wish – due to karmic influences also  reading of Shanthi khandam. Otherwise the price for the first day of naadi  reading is  5 000 CZK or 200 €.

  • The price for every single side of chapter from 2 to 12 and chapter Shanthi makes 500 CZK or 20 €.
  • The price for special chapter Gnanna makes 1 000 CZK or 40 €. Opening of Gnanna khandam is possible after the readings of Shanthi and Deeksha chapters.

  • The price for special chapters Dhasa Bukhti and Aushada makes 2 000 CZK or 80 €.
  • The price for Political chapter reading makes 3 000 CZK or 120 €.
  • In case that the other chapters reading is conducted in a different day than the General khandam, we charge a surcharge of 500 CZK or 20 € for reading of one chapter that day and surcharge of 1 000 CZK or 40 € for reading of two or more chapters.
  • The price for Prachana khandam reading makes 3 500 CZK or 140 €.
  • The price for Atri Jeeva naadi reading makes 4 000 CZK or 160 €.

Listed prices do not involve "remedies" (curative or corrective measures). The financial contribution for the blessing is voluntary, according to your possibilities.

Payment for a naadi reading is carried out only after the client’s palm leaf is found and his or her naadi reading is accomplished. We require advanced payment only for naadi reading trough reference call by Skype or Zoom i.e. without the personal presence of the client on naadi rading at our spot.

We offer you the lowest prices in the Czech Republic.